Do It Yourself or Have Us Fix, Repair, Configure & Optimize Your System

Todays most pressing issues, fixes & configurations

The following is a list of utility, security, cleaning & optimizing software installed & configured on almost every PC we work on.  

First download & install Revo Uninstaller    make sure you read & follow instructions for removing programs.  Especially when (NOT) to reboot.  Otherwise Revo cannot work properly for you.

Use Revo to uninstall any and all Bloat Ware / Trial Ware and unwanted Anti Virus and any other unwanted software.  

The rule of thumb;  NEVER run multiple Anti Virus and or Anti Spyware software in "resident memory".  You can have several of these programs installed on your hard drive but you should only be "RUNNING ONE AT A TIME"!

Then get Advanced System Care  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  (direct download) Install and run.  Take some time to fully discover all this software will do.  It's an AWESOME piece of work.

Although ASC is free I encourage you (after a time so you can truly appreciate) upgrade to the Pro version  under $20 annually.  I REALLY want to keep these fine folks in business.  Once you understand how ASC helps your PC I'm certain you'll agree. 

Then get Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials should be all you require for Anti Virus & Anti Mal ware 

You may also want to download and save in a folder under C:\ (NOT UNDER YOUR Windows PROFILE)

Spybot Search & Destroy (  & Malwarebytes (

When installing/running Spybot S&D be sure to "UN-CHECK" Tea Timer (TSR-runs in memory) not needed with MS Security Essentials.  Be sure to run the update, then "Immunize", then run a full scan in that order.

Malwarebytes will only be used in the future if needed to remove something in Windows "Safe Mode"